This is a photo of me, attempting to help my Dad wallpaper our bathroom, at age 3.
Here I am at age 3, "helping" wallpaper our bathroom. I've always loved a good project.

Thanks for stopping by, I'm Mary Ellen! 
meoMADE is a stationery brand and illustration studio based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.
I grew up in New England, playing in the woods, making homemade cards and building dollhouse furniture from our recycling bin (toothpaste caps make excellent lampshades). My handy parents always encouraged my brother and I to help with home renovations, which fostered a lifetime love of DIY projects.
I designed my first repeat pattern for a sewing project and quickly fell in love with surface pattern design. Freehand pencil sketches, simple graphic marks and nature motifs form the majority of my work. I tend to use a limited color palette and lots of white space. From sweet baby animals to bold geometric florals, I hope my designs make you smile and bring a little joy to your day.
My patterns are primarily designed for the home, baby and stationery markets but I'm also interested in product packaging and would love to design fabric collections.
meoMADE patterns are available for licensing and I'm always up for collaborations. Please feel free to reach out to discuss your upcoming projects. I'd love to work together!

2023 Update: I launched a line of greeting cards to go with my coloring books for kids! 
Check out my online store or come shop in person at markets around Central Virginia.
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